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  1. redcell6:

    Batman by Francis Manapul

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    The Flash by Dan Mora

    The Deadpool by Dan Mora



    This Illustrator Turns the World Around Him into Real-Life Cartoons

    I think this is one of my favourite photo sets on this site

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    When Aquaman had been considered a “lame” superhero, when did it leave his arch-nemesis? As the saying goes, a superhero is as good as his rival. Batman has the Joker, Superman has Lex Luthor, Aquaman has a guy in driver’s suit and submarine.

    Over the years, Aquaman has seen a major boost in popularity as the ruler of Atlantis and a match up on strength and power levels rivaling Superman, Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel. Even though he was treated like a joke and useless in the SuperFriends, Family Guy, Spongebob and Robot Chicken, Arthur Curry gained respectable in comics, video games and cartoons in Brave and the Bold, Justice League and DC animation movies. However, if Aquaman is getting a boost in heroics, Black Manta gets an incredible boost in villainy.

    Whether you are into the savagery and coldheartedness of David in the current 52 comics or the extremely cultured, wise, papa-wolf like, tactician of Black Manta in Young Justice, Black Manta’s goal is nothing more than to destroy Aquaman and ruin everything he holds dear.

    Never thought this guy could reach such bad ass levels.

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  2. jthenr-comics-vault:

    What If? #3 (June 1977)
    "What If…The Avengers Had Never Been?"
    Art by Gil Kane & Klaus Janson
    Words by Jim Shooter

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  3. sofakingcomics:

    The 32 Greatest Captain America Comic Book Covers:

    #27 - Captain America (1968) #354

    Cover Artist: Kieron Dwyer

  4. brianmichaelbendis:

    Doctor Strange and Spidey by Paul Smith, colours by Gerry Turnbull

    (Source: marvel1980s)

  5. Hellboy by Orlando Arocena

    Heroes by Vince Low

    A 1000 Words - A Literature Colection by Giannis (John) Sideris

    Joker’s Smile by Marco Fernando Torres Bermeo

    Spiderman by José Quintero

  6. herochan:

    Pin-up Spider-Man

    Created by José Quintero 

  7. assorted-goodness:

    Sith Lords

    Created by Florent Belmonte

    Artist: DeviantART || Website || FB Fanpage

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