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    Marvel Illustrations

    Created by Daniel Murray


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    Superman Throughout Animation

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  1. brianmichaelbendis:

    Judge Dredd by Brian Bolland

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  2. askjxc:

    damian wayne

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  3. Galactus Unleashed by BossLogic

  4. Hellboy by Daniel Nyari

  5. Rorschach by SachaLefebvre

  6. super-nerd:

    Thor — Neal Adams


    Artist Florent Belmonte’s portraits of characters in the Marvel, DC, and Star Wars universes

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  7. bobjackets:

    Jorge Jimenez Flash art.

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  8. Thunderbolts 28 by davidyardin

  9. Hannibal by Simon Delart

  10. Galactus by nelsondaniel

  11. Batgirl no. 33 by AlexGarner

  12. theamazingpeterbenjaminparker:

    It’s Quite an Advantage, Climbing on Walls

    by~ Franco Stagni

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